Political History and International Relations of the Middle East (English Program)

Our master’s program in the Political History of the Middle East is a two-year academic program designed for students who wish to develop their academic interests and to pursue professional careers in the field of Middle Eastern Studies and in the modern history of the regional countries. A firm grounding in theories of international relations is emphasized, however, we also encourage an interdisciplinary approach, and offer courses in the political history of the Middle East and Islamic countries in the 19th and 10th centuries, Middle East in international relations, intellectual and social and political movements in the modern Middle East and Islamic countries, modern intellectual history of Islam.

After two semesters of course work, students are required to write a thesis bases on original research. Graduates of the program can pursue academic, business, or media& journalism careers and can be employed in private or government sectors, NGOs, policy-making and research institutions.


IMES7021 Arabic Language I 

IMES7017 Intellectual History of the Middle East and Africa 

IMES7002 Research Methods

IMES7001 History of Modern Middle East

IMES7007 Nations and Nationalism in the Middle East 

IMES7023 Persian Language I 

IMES7022 Arabic Language II 

IMES7024 Persian Language II 

IMES7012 History of  Islamic Republic of Iran

IMES7025 Theories of International Relations

IMES7028 Religious Economic Doctrines  


IMES7008 Social, Political and Economic  Structure of Balkan Countries

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