General Information

The Institute for Middle East Studies was established in 1992 at the Marmara University in İstanbul, Turkey. The Institute aims to enhance knowledge of the Middle Eastern and Islamic societies and cultures through cutting edge research and post-graduate education. The Institute offers a wide range of interdisciplinary MA and PhD courses to enable students and researchers interested in deepening their understanding of Middle Eastern history, politics, economics, social and cultural issues as well as contemporary challenges. The current programs at the Institute for Middle East Studies also addresses recent transformations in the region, foreign policy relations, ongoing conflicts and security challenges, economic and political integration. The Institute organizes conferences and seminars and welcomes students and researchers from other countries to foster academic and intellectual cooperation.

The Institute offers MA and PhD Courses in four programs:

1.Political History and International Relations of the Middle East

2.Middle Eastern Economics,

3.Sociology and Anthropology of the Middle East

4. Middle Eastern Geography.


As academic staff, there are 1 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors, 2 Instructor and 4 Research Assistants. Faculty members of our Institute continue to make various researches on Middle East; to make field researches by going to the region and therefore they stimulate knowledge accumulation regarding the Middle East.


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate experts and academics who are qualified with highest level knowledge of the Middle East; to develop scientific activities, to produce knowledge based on universal values, to make researches on international relations, economics, sociology, anthropology, geography and law of the Middle East.

Our Vision

Our Institute is a pioneer post-graduate institution among Turkey’s universities that makes post-graduate researches on the field of political history, international relations, economics, sociology, anthropology, geography and judicial systems. Our vision is to become one of the recognized Instıtutes by increasing our studies on the Middle East both on national and international level 

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